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The following module is a Resource Module. It is used for file-based resource management, such as documents, spreadsheets, MP3's, etc.

There are several different views available, including those with and without file descriptions, and with and without icons.

Uploading to a resource module is a very easy point and click operation. File types are determined by the mime type of the file (something that is automatically detected for you), and the icons displayed are configurable in the administration interface (File Types link under the Files Subsystem heading).

The Resource Module also allows you to optionally 'Lock' and 'Update' resources, effective for document collaboration efforts.
Date   Name Size Views
07/29/06 3 MB
2.93mb 545
07/29/06 5 MB
4.82mb 596
07/29/06 mSmarty Tutorial
177.48kb 585
01/01/70 Open Office Document
The Exponent Resource Manager can handle a wide variety of file types, not just images and plain text files. This is an OpenOffice.org office document (created with the word processing component, Writer).
5.11kb 597
01/01/70 PDF Example
Here is an exmaple PDF resource.
9.31kb 525
07/29/06 Tutorial
177.48kb 542
06/18/06 Web Manual
1.91mb 538
07/27/06 Ҿͺ
0.79mb 528
07/27/06 Ҿͺ 2
1.31mb 526

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